Development Opportunities

Developing in Wheatland County is The Perfect Combination of Location, Price & Flexibility

Tour Blue Developments and Origin Business Park are located right off the Trans Canada Highway. Being just 13 minutes East of Calgary and 10 minutes West of Strathmore means close proximity to key transportation routes, a nearby workforce and excellent cost savings. 

Origin Business Park Cost Benefits

  • Lower Property Taxes – Significantly lower property taxes, 50% less than City of Calgary and further business tax incentives.
  • Reduced Utility Costs – Lower utility Costs than other communities.
  • Land Value and Location – Cheap and affordable development land value for a business so close to the growing community of Strathmore and Calgary.

Development Opportunities

Key urban development features at Tour Blue include

  • Rough graded industrial lots lowers finishing site work costs
  • Wide paved industrial roads allows maneuvering for large equipment and trucks
  • Lot owners can discharge storm water reduce requirement for onsite ponding
  • Limited Municipal Reserve requirements due to forward thinking lot and site planning means higher net developable areas
  • Fibre Optic communication allows speeds equal or faster than downtown Calgary
  • Power and gas along all roads Makes your business utilities quick to setup
  • Flexible lot dimensioning Just the size you need for your project

Origin Business Park – Aerial Lot View